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6 - 7 July 2019 Zandvoort

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Race series

Prepare for a great British Race Festival in 2019, including a fantastic line-up of all-British race series at the legendary Circuit Zandvoort.

Mini7 Racing Club
Back again: the exciting Mini Coopers of the Mini7 Racing Club. A fascinating grid of these fast cars comes into action on both days of the event. That promises again a large number of slipstream battles and battle until the last lap. A real seasoning!
Official website of the Mini7 Racing Club

Ginetta GT5 Challenge
The sportive English brand Ginetta is also present. For the second time in history, the spectacular Ginetta GT5 Challenge takes action at Circuit Zandvoort. In this fierce single make cup competitors race with the Ginetta G40 GT5. All cars are equal, so it comes down to the steering skills of the participants. That promises much close racing in the Zandvoort dunes!
Official website of the Ginetta GT5 Challenge

Ginetta G40 Cup
Ginetta does not visit with one but even with two of their series during the British Race Festival! The Ginetta G40 Cup is a step-up class towards the Ginetta GT5 Challenge. A mix of young rookies and fanatic Gentlemen drivers will compete at Circuit Zandvoort!
Official website of the Ginetta G40 Cup

Caterham Graduates Championship
The spectacular Caterham Graduates Championship came once before under the banner of the BARC to Circuit Zandvoort in 2017, but this time the series has chosen to participate during the British Race Festival. A very large starting grid of competitive Caterham roadsters is expected on the grid, with fierce slipstream battles as the main ingredient of this spectacle series.
Official website of the Caterham Graduates Championship

Michelin Clio Cup Series UK
Race fans have known it for a long time: the battle in British single make series is just a bit different compared to the other European cups. And although the Clio’s come from a French manufacturer, this series breathes the typical British motorsports competition as it often makes for fireworks in England, thanks to the competitive British drivers.
Official website of the Michelin Clio Cup Series UK


Enjoy a British weekend!